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Legislation introduced under the Planning & Development Act 2000 has put a greater onus on Planning Authorities, while also giving them greater powers, to take action against developments of an unauthorised nature as well as regulating Developments which are not or have not been developed in accordance with the terms of the Planning Permission granted.

Kilkenny Borough Council has been very active in this area since the implementation of this Part of the Planning & Development Act 2000 (March 2002) and has investigated over 270 complaints of a various nature to date. Following full examination and action by the Planning Enforcement Section, over 240 of these complaints have now been closed.

One of the consequences of having unauthorised or non-compliant development is the costs of remedying. Retention fees and Development Charges are due to Kilkenny Borough Council as a result of action taken under Enforcement. Problems also arise during the sale or transfer of property on which Enforcement action has been taken.

If you wish to make a complaint of unauthorised development in your area, please complete the attached complaint form in full and return.
Please note that anonymous complaints cannot be investigated.

Enforcement Complaint Form

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