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The Sovereigns and Mayors of Kilkenny 1282-2010

Sovereigns of the Town of Kilkenny 1282 1608

List of Sovereigns 1282-1608
List of Mayors 1609-2010

Article Courtesy of The Kilkenny Archaeological Society

The first reference to the election of a sovereign or chief magistrate in Kilkenny is the bylaw which Charles McNeill in his edition of Liber Primus Kilkenniensis dates to 1231 :

"Le vendredy proscheyn deuaunt la fest de Seint Michel larchangle lan nostre Seyngnour me cc trentune ordine est e establie par assent de la comunalte de Kilkenny qe a iescune feste de Seynt Michel larchangle la dite comunalte soient assembles pour lour sofreyn elire " or in McNeills summary "It was ordained and established by assent of the commonalty of Kilkenny that the commonalty should be assembled at Michaelmas each year to elect a sovereign".

Unfortunately, there is no record of who that first sovereign was. The earliest name mentioned in Liber Primus appears to be that of Henricius Owtlawe who is mentioned in a copy of a grant dated 1312.

There have been three attempts to compile a list of the sovereigns of Kilkenny. One was the work of Alderman Richard Connell, who put a list of Sovereigns, Sheriffs and Mayors into the book of translations of old records which he presented to Kilkenny Corporation in 1693. The next was included by J.T. Gilbert in his account of Robert Rothes Register of the Antiquities and Statutes of the Town of Kilkenny. The earliest effort and the source of much of the other two lists is found in this book of Rothes.

Robert Rothe was the first recorder of the City of Kilkenny under the charter of 1609. His father David and grandfather, Robert were both sovereigns of the Town of Kilkenny on several occasions. He served as sovereign in 1582 and became mayor in 1609, the first to serve a full term. He was distantly related to the tenth earl of Ormond and was his legal adviser. He served as MP in the 1585 parliament. Rothe compiled a manuscript which is now Manuscript 105 of the Gilbert collection kept in the Dublin City Archives. It is of course quite difficult for the ordinary reader to follow because of the early seventeenth century hand in which it is written, but Gilbert had a transcript, manuscript 106, done in the nineteenth century and this is easy to read.

Rothes book gives as far as possible a year by year account of Kilkenny: elections of officials, registration of burgesses, of free merchants and craftsmen and bylaws passed by the dern hundred. In William Marshalls charter, the hundred was a court held in the town once a fortnight. In later times the Dern hundred was the assembly of the Sovereign, burgess and commons of the town. It was in the Dern Hundred held after the feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross that the sovereign was elected and later at Michaelmas took his oath of office.

In Rothes book each year begins with the name, where known, of the sovereign for the year. He quotes extensively from Liber Primus and Liber Secundus. Indeed we seem to owe these titles for the two earliest record books of Kilkenny Corporation to Robert Rothes introduction to his Register or Breviat of the Antiquities and Statuts of the town of Kilkenny.

Rothe got his names of sovereigns and other officials primarily from Liber Primus and Liber Secundus. Anybody who cares to repeat the exercise of trawling through Liber Primus can come up with twenty-three names before the year 1400. Rothe managed to add sixty-seven names for the same period, starting with Richard Palmer in 1282. Between 1400 and 1516, he was able to add a further thirty-four names. He managed this by examining old leases, grants and other documents: some were his own; some were in the possession of various merchant and gentry families Archer, Rothe, Grace, Savage, Lawless; some were in the treasury of Kilkenny Corporation; some were from the former libraries of the friars minor and friars preachers; some are simply described as being in his custody or seen by him. Rothe was a lawyer much trusted by the 10th Earl of Ormond and may be referring to Ormonde documents. In most cases he copied the whole document into his register and the name of the owner is given. He quotes each lease in full and each is dated and was given in the presence of the sovereign and portreives for that year.
He was well aware of the problems involved in dating the terms of the various sovereigns: if the calendar year and regnal year of a document are both quoted and the month of the year is given, then the year of election of the sovereign is a simple matter. Since sovereigns served from Michaelmas to Michaelmas, a date before 29 September means that the Sovereigns election took place in the previous calendar year. If only the regnal year is quoted, a certain amount of close argument is needed. Rothe generally sets out his reasoning for the reader. In one case he infers that Thomas Mownister, alias English was the Sovereign because his name is first on the list of council members pardoned by Henry VI in 1430 and in a document of that type it would be usual to give the sovereigns name first. In a very few cases he fails to give his source, but these are exceptions. In 1410 Rothe gives Robertus Taine and Thomas Mownister for the following year whereas McNeill has Nicholaus Stokes and Robertus Taine. Here for once, Rothe seems to have got the regnal year confused. In early 1413 Liber Primus has Johannes Schortalls signing documents as sovereign which implies he was elected in September 1412, but Rothe quotes a document of Patrick Archers signed by Thomas English alias Mownister for the same year. I have simply put both names.

It seems fairly obvious that Richard Connell had access to Rothes book when he made out his own list. He got almost the same results as Gilbert did two centuries later with the exception of the two earliest names, Richard Palmer and Richard de Lega, which Gilbert missed.

The book which Rothe named Liber Secundus is now missing. Most of it has been gone since the eighteenth century and the end part seems to have gone missing sometime in the twentieth. Fortunately Rothe put extracts from both Liber Primus and Liber Secundus into his register. From 1516 to 1532 Rothe gives both books as sources, but from 1533 to 1544, he has to rely on Liber Secundus alone. Apart altogether from preserving a host of names of freemen and members of the council and demi-council, Rothe transcribed acts of the Dern hundred and decisions of the council. After each extract he gives the folio number in Liber Secundus. Judging by the numbers of the folios given in the references there can be little of the missing book which he didnt transcribe.

From 1545, Rothe has no entries but Connells list continues until 1558. He leaves the next thirty years blank and has a full list from 1589 finishing with the last Sovereign of the Town of Kilkenny, Nicholas Ley who was elected in 1608 and was named in the charter of 1609 as the first Mayor of the City of Kilkenny. Connell does not say what his sources are for the entries from 1544 onwards. He did have access to a number of Corporation books which have been missing since the 18th century, including a book which covered the period from 1590 to the 1640s. This could have given him the names of the last 20 sovereigns. It is also possible to supply the names of twelve sovereigns from the 16th century from Honora Fauls Guide to Material in the Kilkenny Corporation Archives compiled in January 1988. She names them as witnesses to leases and other documents. In all then, from 1282 to 1608 we have the names of two hundred and forty four sovereigns of the Town of Kilkenny.

Most of the names are given in Latin versions with Robertus for Robert and so on. In a very few cases the surname is given in either a Latinised or French form. In the case of De Lega 1289, I wonder if it is a version of Ley the earliest occurrence of which is 1321. Connell renders Fil Hugonis 1334 as FitzHenry but Ive put FitzHugh. Rothe is also spelled Roth and Rooth. Ive mostly taken Connells English versions of the names but picked on one spelling for each surname.

Sovereigns 1282-1447Sovereigns 1449-1608
1282 Richard Palmer
1289 Richard de Lega
1293 Alan Donninge
1295 Alan Donninge
1296 John White
1300 Robert de Edesor
1301 William Outlaw
1303 Robert de Edesor
1305 Alan Donninge
1307 John White
1310 William Outlaw
1311 Henry Outlaw
1312 Alan Donnynge
1314 Phillip Croker
1315 Nicholas Croker
1316 John Godyn
1317 John Godyn
1318 John Enocke (Eynow)
1319 John Godyn
1320 John Enocke
1321 Thomas de Ley
1322 John Enocke
1323 William Donninge
1324 William Donninge
1326 William Fitz Geoffrey
1327 William Fitz Geoffrey
1328 William Fitz Geoffrey
1329 John Folyn
1330 Thomas Shortall
1331 Bartholomew Folyn
1332 Bartholomew Folyn
1333 Thomas Oweyn
1334 Walter FitzHugh
1335 Gilbert Fort
1336 Gilbert Fort
1337 John Cross
1338 John Cross
1339 Nicholas Bristow
1340 John Alyn
1341 John Cross
1342 John Cross
1343 John Cross
1345 Nicholas Bristow
1346 John Cross
1347 John Cross
1348 Thomas Venn
1349 John Enocke
1350 John Enocke
1351 William Folyn
1352 John Enocke
1353 James Oweyn
1356 William Lofe
1357 John Rennell
1358 John Enocke
1360 John Whyte de Ely
1364 John Enocke
1366 David Archer
1367 William Tirrell
1368 William Tirrell
1369 Robert Dencourt
1370 William Bristowe
1371 Oliver Knaresborough
1372 Robert Flood
1373 Robert Dencourt
1374 Robert Talbot
1375 Robert Talbot
1376 David Archer
1377 David Archer
1379 Oliver Knaresborough
1380 Oliver Knaresborough
1381 Patrick Catermas
1383 John Cadde
1384 Nicholas Ley
1385 Nicholas Ley
1386 Robert Talbot
1387 John Lumbard
1388 Richard Norton
1389 Robert Folyn
1390 John Dyer
1391 John Chamberlain
1392 Thomas Knaresborough
1393 Thomas Taylor
1394 Phillip Cadde
1395 John Daniell
1396 William Stone
1397 Nicholas White
1398 William Stone
1399 Richard Talbot
1400 Thomas Knaresborough
1401 Robert Dullard
1402 Thomas Talbot
1403 Thomas Rothe
1404 Richard Talbot
1405 Roger Bernard
1406 John Marshall
1407 John Croker
1408 Nicholas Stokes
1410 Nicholas Stokes
1411 Robert Taine
1412 Thomas English, alias Mownister
1413 John Shortall
1416 John Lumbard
1417 Thomas Chamberlain
1418 John Marshall
1419 Nicholas White
1420 David Girdler, alias Browne
1421 Robert Folyn
1422 Nicholas White
1424 John Coke
1425 William Archer
1427 John Knaresborough
1428 Maurice Stafford
1429 John Marshall
1430 Thomas English alias Mownister
1431 Nicholas Sutton
1432 John Knaresborough
1433 John Marshall
1434 William Archer
1435 William White
1438 John Archer
1440 John Roth
1442 Walter Sherlock
1443 John Knaresborough
1444 Robert Savage
1445 John Whiteside
1446 John Whiteside
1447 Elias Archer
1449 John Rothe
1450 Patrick Sentleger
1451 John Knaresborough
1452 John Ragget
1457 John Gerrot
1460 Thomas Sherlock for Elias Archer who refused to serve.
1464 William Archer
1465 John Rothe
1466 William Archer Fitz Elias
1467 Walter Archer
1468 Walter Archer
1471 Patrick Daniell
1473 John Rothe
1475 Thomas Sherlock served for John Folyng of Drogheda
1477 John Whiteside
1482 John Knaresborough
1486 John Sherlock
1487 Robert Leonard
1489 Nicholas Ragget
1490 John Mothell
1491 Denis Maldony
1492 Denis Maldony
1493 Robert Shee
1494 Robert Shee
1496 Robert Shee
1498 Peter Archer
1499 John Archer
1500 Thomas Marshall
1501 John Savage
1502 Walter Sherlock
1503 Patrick Archer
1504 William Kyrdow
1505 Robert Rothe
1506 Richard Rothe
1507 Walter Courcy
1508 Patrick Archer
1509 Robert Rothe
1510 Robert Rothe
1511 Thomas Langton
1512 Walter Sherlock Fit Thomas
1513 Thomas Mothell
1514 Robert Rothe
1515 David Savage
1516 Walter Courcy
1517 Geoffrey Rothe
1518 Patrick Archer
1519 Thomas Mothell
1520 Peter Archer
1521 Peter Archer
1522 Richard Shee
1523 Robert Rothe
1524 Thomas Shee
1525 Richard Rothe
1526 Nicholas Hackett
1527 John Walsh FitzLawrence
1528 Geoffrey Rothe
1529 Peter Walsh
1530 Thomas Shee
1531 John Rothe
1532 Richard Shee
1533 Geoffrey Rothe as locum tenens for
Oliver Sentleger Lord of Tullchanbrog
1534 Nicholas Hackett
1535 Thomas Langton
1536 Richard Shee
1537 Robert Rothe
1538 John Walsh
1539 John Rothe
1540 Nicholas Cowley
1541 David Rothe
1542 Walter Archer
1543 Robert Shee
1544 Walter Archer
1545 Walter Lawless
1546 David Rothe
1547 Francis Droone
1548 William Shee
1549 John Langton
1550 David Rothe
1551 Nicholas Cowley
1552 Robert Shee
1553 William Shee
1554 Walter Mothell
1555 John Marshall
1556 Walter Mothell
1557 John Langton
1558 Nicholas Garvey
1566 William Archer
1569 Richard Shee
1572 Helias Shee
1573 John Rothe
1577 Walter Archer
1578 Edward Langton
1579 Peter Shee
1580 John Archer
1581 Robert Shee
1582 Thomas Raghton (Rafter?)
1583 Arthur Shee
1584 Richard Ragget. Arthur Shee deputy
1585 Richard Ragget
1586 Arthur Shee
1587 Thomas Archer
1588 Edward Langton
1589 Thomas Raghton (Rafter?)
1590 Walter Archer
1591 Arthur Shee
1592 Richard Ragget
1593 John Archer
1594 Helias Shee
1595 Henry Shee
1596 Geoffrey Rothe
1597 Thomas Archer
1598 Edward Langton
1599 Helias Shee
1600 Henry Shee
1601 Patrick Archer
1602 Luke Shee
1603 Martin Archer
1604 Edward Rothe
1605 John Rothe Fitz Piers
1606 Nicholas Langton
1607 Edward Shee
1608 Thomas Ley


Mayors 1609-1801Mayors 1802-2003
1609 Thomas Ley until Michaelmas, then Robert Rothe
1610 Henry Shee
1611 Thomas Archer removed, then Patrick Archer
1612 Edward Rothe
1613 John Rothe FitzPiers, then Nicholas Langton
1614 Edward Shee
1615 Luke Shee
1616 John Rothe FitzPiers, then
David Rothe amoved for not taking the oath of
Supremacy, then Clement
Raggett, then Sir Cyprian Horsfall
1617 Clement Raggett
1618 William Shee
1619 Clement Raggett
1620 Sir Cyprian Horsfall
1621 Walter Archer
1622 Walter Lawless
1623 Thomas Shee
1624 Walter Archer
1625 Walter Archer. Died Jan. 1626, William Shee
1626 Michael Cowley
1627 Richard Rothe
1628 Henry Archer
1629 Peter Rothe
1630 John Shea
1631 Marcus Shee
1632 William Shee
1633 Robert Shee
1634 Thomas Archer
1635 Richard Lawless
1636 James Cowley
1637 Nicholas Knaresborough
1638 George Shee
1639 Michael Archer
1640 George Shee
1641 Thomas Archer
1642 Patrick Murphy
1643 Walter Archer
1644 Peter Shee
1645 William Langton
1646 Jenkin Rothe
1647 Richard Shea FitzMarcus
1648 Robert Rothe
1649 James Archdekin
1650 Elias Shee
1651 Peter Rothe FitzEdward died replaced by ? Shee
1652 James Brogan (?)
1653 Elias Shee
1654 Daniel Axtell, military governor
1655 Daniel Axtell, military governor
1656 Abel Warren.
All Protestant magistrates to Michaelmas 1687
1657 Thomas Addams
1658 John Addams
1659 Thomas Evans
1660 John Jaynor
1661 Thomas Evans
1662 Thomas Butler
1663 William Warden
1664 Peter Goodwin
1665 Peter Goodwin
1666 Thomas Evans
1667 Thomas Evans
1668 Thomas Evans
1669 Thomas Burrell
1670 Thomas Burrell
1671 William Connell
1672 William Connell
1673 Josias Haydock
1674 Josias Haydock
1675 Josias Haydock
1676 Francis Rowledge
1677 Francis Rowledge
1678 Joseph Cuffe
1679 Arthur Helsham died /Thomas Young.
1680 John Baxter
1681 Samuel Phillips
1682 Bartholomew Connor (?)
1683 Thomas Butler
1684 Thomas Longueville
1685 Richard Connell
1686 Richard Connell
1687 John Rothe (A papist)
1688 John Rothe
1689 John Archdekin
(continued in office until the rout of Boyne)
1690 July, John Baxter served balance of
Archdekins term and was elected mayor at Michaelmas
1691 John Baxter
1692 Joshua Helsham
1693 Joshua Helsham
1694 Ebenezer Warren
1695 Ebenezer Warren
1696 John Pape
1697 Isaac Mukins
1698 Thomas Phillips
1699 George Birch
1700 Abel Butler
1701 Josias Haydock
1702 John Blunden
1703 Patrick Connell
1704 William Earl of Inchiquin
1705 John Hamilton
1706 John Garnett
1707 Adam Haydock
1708 Stephen Haydock
1709 Stephen Haydock
1710 Robert Connell
1711 William Baxter
1712 Edward Evans
1713 Thomas Blunt
1714 William Baxter
1715 James Agar
1716 John Birch
1717 John Dessaroy
1718 John Cooksey
1719 John Blunden
1720 Enoch Collier
1721 John Cuffe
1722 Richard Phillips
1723 Thomas Sandford
1724 Edward Warren
1725 Arthur Helsham
1726 Thomas Butler
1727 Thomas Barnes
1728 John Blunden
1729 John Blunden
1730 Stephen Haydock / Edward Warren
1731 William Gore
1732 Edward Evans
1733 Edward Warren
1734 Henry Evans
1735 Richard Butler
1736 Algernon Warren
1737 George St. George
1738 Thomas Butler
1739 Arthur Helsham
1740 William Gore
1741 Ebenezer Lodge
1742 Anthony Blunt
1743 Barry Colles
1744 Samuel Matthews
1745 Ambrose Evans
1746 Ambrose Evans
1747 Joseph Evans
1748 Joseph Blunt
1749 Ambrose Evans
1750 Ebenezer Lodge
1751 Ralph Gore
1752 Harvy Morres
1753 John Blunden
1754 William Evans Morres
1755 William Colles
1756 George Carpenter
1757 James Percival
1758 Thomas Butler
1759 Charles Gore
1760 Anthony Blunt
1761 Thomas Wilkinson
1762 Anthony Blunt
1763 John Blunt
1764 Francis Lodge
1765 Barry Colles
1766 Haydocke Evans Morres
1767 Thomas Butler
1768 John Watters
1769 Christopher Hewetson
1770 Anthony Blunt the younger
1771 Otway Lord Desart
1772 Francis Lodge
1773 Ralph Gore
1774 Thomas Mossom
1775 John Watters
1776 Patrick Welch
1777 Clayton Bayly
1778 John Earl of Wandesford
1779 Otway Lord Desart
1780 Thomas Butler
1781 Henry Geale
1782 Bibby Hartford
1783 Edward Evans
1784 Edmund Butler
1785 Patrick Welch
1786 Edmund Butler
1787 Patrick Welch the younger
1788 James Wemys
1789 Henry Shearman
1790 Robert Edmonds
1791 Patrick Welch the elder
1792 Edmund Butler
1793 Robert Edmunds
1794 James Wemys
1795 Robert Edmonds
1796 William Wilkinson
1797 William Kingsmill
1798 Robert Edmonds
1799 William Pitt Blunden
1800 Robert Edmonds
1801 Sir John Blunden
1802 John Enery
1803 Samuel Matthews
1804 John Helsham
1805 Rev. Edward Herbert
1806 Walter, Earl of Ormonde
1807 The Hon. Hamilton Cuffe
1808 The Hon. James Butler
1809 John Otway, Earl of Desart
1810 George Rothe

1811 James Wemys
1812 William Bayly
1813 Samuel Matthews
1814 The Hon. James Butler
1815 Rev. Nicholas Herbert
1816 The Hon. Charles Butler
1817 Samuel Madden
1818 John Kinchela
1819 William Hartford
1820 Nathaniel Alcock
1821 Henry Wemys
1822 Joseph Bradish
1823 Sir Jonah Wheeler Denny Cuffe
1824 Joseph Greene
1825 Charles Madden
1826 Christopher Humfrey / Joseph Bradish
1827 William Kingsmill / Charles Madden
1828 Nathaniel Alcock
1829 William Oliver Wheeler
1830 Henry Gore
1831 William Robertson
1832 Thomas Cronyn
1833 John McCraith
1834 William Grace
1835 Parr Kingsmill
1836 Redmond Reade (first Roman Catholic Mayor since 1690)
1837 Richard Sullivan
1838 Thomas Pack
1839 William Shanahan
1840 Lewis Chapelier Kinchela Sr.
1841 Lewis Chapelier MD
1842 James Burnham
1843 James Burnham
The Reformed Corporation
1844 Edmond Smithwick
1845 Robert Cane
1846 Joseph Hackett
1847 Henry Potter
1848 Thomas Hart
1849 Robert Cane
1850 Michael Banim
1851 Michael Hyland
1852 Daniel Cullen
1853 John Potter
1854 Michael Sullivan
1855 James M. Tidmarsh
1856 William Lanigan
1857 Daniel Smithwick
1858 Patrick Moran
1859 Matthew Rowan
1860 Edmund Murphy
1861 Thomas Power
1862 Alexander Colles
1863 Alexander Colles
1864 Edmond Smithwick
1865 Edmond Smithwick
1866 John Feehan
1867 John Buggy
1868 William ODonnell
1869 William Healy
1870 James W. Sullivan
1871 William Hayden
1872 William Kenealy
1873 William Kenealy
1874 Patrick Murphy
1875 Simon Morris
1876 Peter McDermott
1877 Arthur M. Mahon
1878 Daniel McCarthy
1879 James S. Loughlin
1880 Andrew dowling
1881 Patrick Maher
1882 Simon Morris
1883 John Hogan
1884 John E. Smithwick
1885 William ODonnell
1886 James Walsh
1887 Patrick M. Egan
1888 Patrick Egan
1889 John Coyle
1890 David Fenton
1891 Michael Kennedy
1892 Patraick Rowan
1893 Cornelius Quinn
1894 Patrick J. Morrissey
1895 Patrick J. Morrissey
1896 Major OLeary
1897 Thomas Cantwell
1898 John A. Healy Local Government Act 1898
1899 Patrick J. OKeeffe
1900 Joseph Purcell
1901 Joseph Purcell
1902 Patrick Hoyne
1903 Patrick Hoyne
1904 Edward OShea
1905 Edward OShea
1906 Edward McSweeney
1907 Captain Otway Cuffe
1908 Captain Otway Cuffe
1909 Michael J. Potter
1910 Michael J. Potter
1911 Thomas Cantwell
1912 Joseph Purcell
1913 Joseph Purcell
1914 John Magennis
1915 John Magennis
1916 John Magennis
1917 John Slater
1918 John Slater
1919 Peter DeLoughrey
1920 Peter De Loughrey
1921 Peter De Loughrey
1922 Peter DeLoughrey
1923 Peter DeLoughrey
1924 Peter DeLoughrey
1925 James Reade
1926 James Reade
1927 James Reade
1928 John Magennis
1929 John G. Duggan
1930 John G. Duggan
1931 T.J.D. OHanrahan
1932 Michael McSweeney
1933 Michael McSweeney
1934 Michael McSweeney
1935 Patrick Bryan
1936 Patrick Bryan
1937 John Magennis
1938 John Magennis
1939 Raymond Crotty
1940 Raymond Crotty
1941 Raymond Crotty
1942 Raymond Crotty
1943 Commissioner
1944 Commissioner
1945 Patrick J. Crotty
1946 Patrick J. Crotty
1947 James P. Pattison
1948 Thomas J. DeLoughrey
1949 James Monahan
1950 John Leahy
1951 John Leahy
1952 Patrick Gleeson
1953 Patrick Gleeson
1954 Patrick Gleeson
1955 Patrick Gleeson
1956 John J. Holohan
1957 Michael J. McGuinness
1958 Michael J. McGuinness
1959 John J. Holohan
1960 Seamus Monahan
1961 John J. Holohan
1962 Patrick Kinchella
1963 Tomás Ó Dubhshláine
1964 Tomás O Dubhshláine
1965 Michael J.McGuinness
1966 Michael J. McGuinness
1967 Thomas Martin
1968 John J. Holohan
1969 Margaret Tynan (First woman elected Mayor)
1970 Margaret Tynan
1971 Kieran Crotty
1972 Kieran Crotty
1973 Michael J. McGuinness
1974 Thomas Martin
1975 John J. Holohan
1976 Seamus Pattison
1977 Margaret Tynan
1978 Luke Boyle
1979 Thomas Martin
1980 Kieran Crotty
1981 Luke Boyle
1982 John J. Holohan
1983 Thomas Crotty
1984 Michael J. McGuinness
1985 Margaret Tynan
1986 Margaret Tynan
1987 Margaret Tynan
1988 Margaret Tynan
1989 Kieran Crotty
1990 Kieran Crotty
1991 Thomas Crotty
1992 Seamus Pattison
1993 Michael J. McGuinness
1994 Michael Lanigan
1995 Kieran Crotty
1996 John J. McGuinness
1997 Margaret Tynan
1998 Tomás Ó Dublshláine / John Bolger
1999 Tony Patterson
2000 Paul Cuddihy
2001 Joe Cody
2002 Betty Manning
2003 Pat Crotty
2004 Martin Brett
2005 Marie Fitzpatrick
2006 Martin Brett
2007 Marie Fitzpatrick
2008 Pat Crotty
2009 Malcolm Noonan
2010 Martin Brett



Notes and Sources

Liber Primus Kilkenniensis, Edited by Charles McNeill, Dublin 1931
Liber Primus Kilkenniensis, translated by Jocelyn Otway-Ruthven, Kilkenny 1961
MS 2513 in the National Library. (Alderman Connells Book)
Manuscripts 105 and 106, Gilbert Collection in the Dublin City Archives. (Rothes Register)
Genealogical Memoirs of the Members of Parliament for the County And City of Kilkenny - George Dames Burtchaell, Dublin 1888
I should like to thank John Bradley for recommending Rothes Register as a source and Dr. Máire Kennedy and Mary Clarke of the Dublin City Archives for their help and courtesy

Otway-Ruthven in the introduction to her 1961 translation favours the date 1230 AD as did John G. A. Prim in 1851. McNeill sets out the arguments for and against in a note p.1 of Liber Primus Kilkenniensis, Stationery Office Dublin, 1931.

Rothes Register of the Antiquities and Statutes of the Town of Kilkenny, Appendix to the second report of the Historical Manuscripts Commission. p. 257, article by J.T. Gilbert




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