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The Community Tourism Diaspora Project

The Community Tourism Diaspora Project

Disapora Tourism Project
'Community Tourism Diaspora Project'
(application deadline 9th May 2014)

This initiative is a three-way partnership between Fáilte Ireland, IPB Insurance and Kilkenny Local Authorities and has been established as a follow on from the success of the Gathering in mobilising local communities to harness diaspora links for the benefit of local tourism. The objectives of the initiative are to:

- Provide support in the form of small-scale funding incentives for community-based tourism events that have the capacity to carry through the legacy of The Gathering in 2014 and beyond;
- Create a national network of local events with the capacity to deepen diaspora linkages and networks that have been developed or re-activated during The Gathering year;
- To foster the growth of strong county diaspora networks on the basis that diaspora relationships are rooted in 'people and place'.
The Year of the Gathering in Kilkenny featured a vibrant and diverse range of events throughout city and county, resulting in thousands of additional overseas visitors in 2013.

The engagement of citizens and communities was the single most important factor in the success of the Gathering in Kilkenny. Further to this success, IPB and Failte Ireland collaborated with the Local Authorities to devise a way to extend the good will generated in communities and families throughout city and county. It's time to reach out to friends, colleagues and relatives overseas and start planning your event!

Eligibility guidelines and details of the application process are available in the attached document.


What is the purpose of the Community Tourism Diaspora Project?

The key objective of the Fund is to provide support to local and community event organisers and activities / projects that will harness diaspora links for the benefit of local and community tourism. The Fund is being administered by your local city / county council.

What Fund amounts are available?

Fund amounts will be for a minimum of €500 and a maximum of €3,000 and will be directly related to the number of overseas visitors that will be delivered. Overseas visitors are those who travel from outside of the island of Ireland.

The Fund awards scale will be as follows:

Fund Amount €Minimum Number of Overseas Visitors Required


Who is eligible to apply?

It is open to groups or organisations that are organising community events / activities in 2014. To be eligible for funding, the event / project must:

  • Deliver a number ofincremental overseas visitors as per the above table (where incremental overseas visitors are those additional visitors over and beyond those which would normally visit the county).
  • Be focused on developing strong diaspora links with the community.
  • Demonstrate a capacity to deliver i.e. the Community event Organiser(s) must provide evidence of and have a clear plan for tapping into international networks
  • Have the capability to promote the event and provide a potential for media coverage
  • Contribute at a local level to the city’s / county’s calendar of events in relation to attracting overseas visitors
  • Be either a new event which will take place in 2014 or an addition to an existing event which is being expanded to specifically deliver incremental overseas visitors

There is no guarantee of funding for events which achieve the minimum eligibility criteria. The fund is limited and eligible applications will be evaluated on a competitive basis against the criteria above.

What types of Events will be funded?

Various types of Community Events will be considered for funding – however they must have a strong focus on the Diaspora and therefore attract overseas visitors to the county / locality. They also must have the potential to be repeated.

What items and expenses are excluded from the fund?

  • Infrastructural / tourism development projects / capital costs for the county
  • Festivals which have already received funding under the Fáilte Ireland National or Regional Festivals Fund
  • Spend on alcoholic beverages,fines, penalty payments, legal cost, audit fees, financial consultancy fees and wages and salaries of consultants
  • In general the cost of items for resale are ineligible

How do I apply?How do I apply?
You should apply directly to Kilkenny County Council. Only completed submissions received via the approved application form will be considered. The completed form must be sent to Aisling Hayes, Kilkenny County Council, County Hall, Kilkenny marked Community Tourism Diaspora application. Contact: aisling.hayes@kilkennycoco.ie, 056 7794106

Applications must be received in Kilkenny county council offices by 9th May 2014


If I am successful how do I draw down the Fund?

Payment will only be made after the event has taken place. In order to receive the payment, the successful applicant must complete a short PostEvent Report Form(to be supplied by the county / city council) and provide the following:

  • Visitor Book or Listing of overseas attendees and their country of origin

Funding not claimed by the agreed deadline will be cancelled.


How will I know if my group has been successful?

Successful applicants will receive a Letter of offer. This letter will form the contract between the county / city council and the organiser and will detail all conditions and requirements.

Please see attached application form |

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