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What is the Rapid Programme?

The Kilkenny RAPID Programme is a focused Government response aimed at helping communities living in areas, which have not fully shared in our recent prosperity.RAPID stands for Revitalising Areas by Planning, Investment and Development. As the name implies RAPID is about prioritising in a coherent, targeted and accelerated way, new and improved service and infrastructural investment to the communities living in RAPID areas. Development Plan (NDP), Government Departments and State Agencies, including local authorities, will be giving special attention to the areas targeted to ensure efficient and effective implementation of RAPID. Kilkenny is one of 19 provinical towns nationally to be selected under the RAPID programme.

How Will Rapid Work?

The delivery arrangements for the Provincial Towns Strand as suitably adapted, generally mirror those for Strand I (major urban areas). The targeted RAPID areas within the towns will be prioritised for investment and development under the NDP in line with priorities set out in the Area Implementation Plan. Such priorities might include: health, education, housing, childcare and community facilities including sports facilities, youth development, employment, drug misuse and policing. Each RAPID area will, however, have varying needs and priorities. The intention is that real and practical improvements will be made to make sure services are better and easier to access. Essentially whats involved is getting the various State Agencies working together and pooling resources for the benefit of the more disadvantaged areas in response to identified needs.


Rapid Areas in Kilkenny

RAPID Kilkenny Area Map

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Contact Information

Martina Comerford
RAPID Co-ordinator
Kilkenny County Council
John's Green,

Telephone 056 7794926



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